All initial piercings are done with ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, or solid 14kt gold.
All jewelry is either internally threaded or threadless. 
We take great pride in our jewelry selection and think you deserve the absolute best and most beautiful jewelry possible for your piercings.


Lindsay Rose doing walk ins for the following:

lobes, helix, conch, rook, daith, cartilage, tragus, industrial, septum, nostril, lip, labret, philtrum, and navel.

We are also open for jewelry sales and jewelry changes as needed.

Text Lindsay:



 Piercing Hours:

Wednesday-Saturday 12-8

Sunday 12-5


All Minors will require an appointment.

Please call 703-383-9666

Or  Text 571-541-1666


The following piercings will be allowed for minors at these ages:

8-13 Lobes only

14-15 Lobes, Cartilage, Navel

16-17 Lobes, Cartilage, Navel, Nostril


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