All initial piercings are done with  ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, Solid 14kt & higher gold.
All jewelry used must be purchased with us. 
All of our jewelry is either internally threaded or threadless. 
We take great pride in our jewelry selection and think you deserve the absolute best
and most beautiful jewelry possible for your piercings.

JP began his professional free hand piercing career in 2006. Taking a great career advancing opportunity, he moved to Philadelphia in 2010 and has since then worked and had guest spots in multiple shops from New York all the way to Puerto Rico; being completely fluent in Spanish , JP welcomes all clients who use English as a second language.

His easy going, highly knowledgeable personality, and focus to detail brings a high level of  quality professional service!


 Please note the new piercing hours are:

Wednesday- Saturday 12-8

Sunday 12-5


Due to Covid all persons will require an appointment.

Please call for details



The following piercings will be allowed for minors at these ages:

10-13 Lobes only

14-15 Lobes, Cartilage, Navel

16-17 Lobes, Cartilage, Navel, Nostril


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