Frequently Asked Qestions



Can I purchase Jewelry online? - Yes! With our partner site here: The Body Jewelry Showroom 

When are you open?  - Hours are 12pm-8pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 12pm-5pm on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are appointment only. 

Can I get pierced or tattooed on any day? - Piercing days are Wednesday through Sunday, and tattooing is any day. Walk ins are welcome, but some tattoos may require an appointmnet.

Does it hurt?  -  Yes, all tattooing hurts some. However, that pain is bearable and it is only temporary. The anticipation is far worse than the event.

How can I prepare for a tattoo or piercing?  -  Eat before coming in, dress appropriately, and make sure you have any reference materials as needed. You are welcome to bring a friend to accompany you and please show up on time.

How much does a tattoo cost?  -  Tattoo prices vary depending upon several different factors, size and complexity being the main considerations. Please feel free to stop by at anytime for a specific quote.

How much does a piercing cost? - You can see a listing of piercing prices here. Note that the piercing and the jewelry are priced separately.

Can I bring my own jewelry? - No. Since we cannot guarantee the quality of jewelry from an outside source we only use jewelry that we carry here in our stock. We have the finest selection and highest quality possible we assure that we can fit your needs.

Will I need to fill out any paperwork? - Yes. State law requires all individuals being tattooed or pierced to fully fill in a state mandated consent form with a copy of a legitimate I.D. The consent form can be seen here.

Can I get a piercing if I am underage?  - Yes.  We will perform earlobe piercings starting as young as 6-8 years old, but this will require the child to interview in person with the piercer first. At ages 10 and up a regular appointment is ok, As required by the state, minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the time.  The parent/guardian must have a government-issued photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, Military ID, etc), and the minor must have some form of ID linking them to their parent/guardian. For example: an original birth certificate, military ID (with sponsor listed present), are acceptable forms of ID. Please call the shop for details or with any questions. All minors will require an appointment.

Can I get a tattoo if I am underage?  -  All work on minors is solely at the discretion of the artist. State law requires any individual getting tattooed must be at least 16 years old with full consent of parent or legal guardian.  Minors must have a parent or legal guardian present with them at the time, and both must have legitimate, matching photo ID.

Can I get my older brother, sister, or cousin to sign for me if I am underage?  -  NO. 

What type of payment do you accept?  -  We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Card, Cash, CashApp and Paypal.

Does the price include a tip?  -  No, gratuity is not included, but with any service a tip is well appreciated.

Do I need an appointment to get pierced?  -  If  the person being pierced is 18 years old or under, then yes, an appointment is required. Otherwise, no, you are welcome to walk in anytime during normal piercing hours. However making an appointment ahead of time is suggested in order to reduce the time you may have to wait. Although depending on how backed up we are that day you may still have a slight wait. Appointments can usually be made same-day without an issue by calling the studio at 703-383-9666. 

Piercing appointmnet by text: 571-541-1666

Do I need an appointment to get tattooed?  -  No. Walk-ins are welcome, but depending how busy we are you may need to make an appointment. Please call or contact us with your tattoo ideas or questions.

How do I make an appointment?  -  You can stop into the shop anytime during normal business hours, you can call the shop, or you can send a message on the contact  page and someone will get back to you asap. For piercing send a text 571-541-1666

Can I bring in my own design?  -  Yes, you’re welcome to bring your own design, browse our designs or just come in with an idea and one of our talented artists can draw something up for you.

Is it a clean environment?  -  Yes. We at Comes A Time pride ourselves on being one of the cleanest and classiest studios in the DC Metro area. You can see some pictures of the inside here.

Is everything Sterile?  -  Yes, and all of our tattoo and piercing needles are single use. Any supplies that are reused are autoclave sterilized, which is the same system as hospital sterilization. Feel free to stop by or call for a more detailed explanation.

My question wasn't answered here, what should I do?  -  Please feel free to call the studio at 703.383.9666, stop in for a visit during normal business hours, or contact one of our artists with your specific question.

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